MAX Tapener

Improvements to an already awesome machine!

The NEW MAX Tapener® “HT-S45E Strong Bind” with TAPE-T32B performs a 4.6 times stronger pull apart binding force when compared with the performance of the TAPE-15 thanks to the combination of dedicated tape and staples. This stronger pull apart force helps to keep larger plants tied to the stake or wine branches tied to trellis wire – efficiently replaces hand tying.

This new heavy duty tapener keeps bushy plants, wine grapes, and many other trellised crops bind  strongly.

  • Includes FREE Belt hook, Staples and a roll of tying tape.
  • A larger jaw enables the HT-S45E to bind up to 45 mm
  • Ties 4.6 times stronger with dedicated tape and staple
  • Same clinching force as HT models
  • Slide loading magazine
  • Built-in stapler pusher unit, there is no risk to lose it on the field.
  • Tape and staples sold separate

Applications: nursery, vineyard, orchards, trellised crops.

Nurserymen, tree growers, vineyards, and orchards have all experienced the time-saving potential of the MAX Tapener®. Simply squeeze the handle to stretch tape between the jaws and it is ready to wrap the stem. A second squeeze staples and cuts off the tape. It is that easy!

Even though the new MAX Tapener® is lighter in weight, it is more durable. You can expect the same great results with half the required clinching force as the older models.

This model is 24% lighter than the previous MAX Tapener®. A metal shaft in the tape holder hinge increases the durability. You cannot remove the attached staple pusher, which will lessen the potential for loss or damage to the part.

Indispensable for Grapes, Raspberries and Vining Vegetables

The MAX Tapener® has been sold for over thirty years and proven itself to be an efficient, reliable tool. It is a great tool for training vines, for tying raspberries, tomatoes, trellised vegetables, etc. as well as training nursery stock or Christmas trees.

The Tapener uses a combination of tape and staples to tie plant material to trellis, string, stake, wire cage, etc. To use the Tapener, you simply push the material to be fastened into the jaws of the tool, then squeeze the handle tightly. This meters out tape, then cuts and staples the tape in one motion. The tool is very reliable and saves considerable time over hand-tying. It also makes efficient use of tying materials as you only use the amount needed to execute the tie.

The Tapener is available in two sizes. The 3704 HTB-2 is a the larger tool and is suitable for commercial growers. Tape comes in two thicknesses — 8 MIL and 12 MIL — and a roll of tape should make roughly 200 to 300 ties.

  • Takes 4-3⁄8″ diameter rolls
  • For tape, order MAX 3718 (8 MIL) or MAX 3720 (12 MIL)
  • For staples, order MAX 3708 (604 E-L)
  • Replacement blades: MAX 3711
  • Weight: 1.75 lbs.

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